Falling in love Center
  • A Farewell to Arms - 1932
    dir. Frank Borzage
  • It Happening One Night - 1934
    dir. Frank Capra
  • Of Human Bondage - 1934
    dir. Jhon Cromwell
  • Sadie Mc Nee - 1934
    dir. Clarence Brown
  • Un amore tutto nuovo (1995)
    Abraham Giorgio
  • Che cos’è l’amore (1989)
    Abraham Giorgio
  • A Natural History of Love (1994)
    Ackerman Diane
  • Stare bene insieme (2003)
    Albisetti Valerio
The center is located at Number 21 of Piazza Duomo, Milan's
Falling in love Center
Piazza Duomo 21 - Milano
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